Title: FOOD SERVICE WORKER LEADER (FLIGHT LINE DINER) Location: Japan-Kanagawa-Ken-Atsugi Job Number: 1600053Y

Job Summary: Serves as a working leader responsible for leading a minimum of three (3) associates in the accomplishment of food preparation and serving activities for a location or area. The highest level of non-supervisory work led is NA-2. Duties and Responsibilities: As working leader, is responsible for passing on to Food Service Workers instructions received from supervisor, and setting the pace for accomplishing food service duties. Assists supervisor in the training of new associates and answers their questions on procedures and other pertinent aspects of food service operations. Insures supervisor's schedules and priorities are adhered to and keeps supervisor informed of the status and progress of work assignments and advises concerning problem areas. Adheres to all safety requirements and regulations. - Performs the same work as associates led which consists of a combination of the following in a cafeteria, or counter-type operation. - Prepares a variety of fruit and vegetable salads as fresh fruit, tomato and lettuce, lettuce wedges, etc., makes simple sandwiches; makes coffee in large urns. - Receives customers orders and serves ice cream items and/or beverages in accordance with prescribed portions. May sell ice cream cakes and novelties prepared at the location. - May personally prepare/decorate ice cream cakes and novelties according to predetermined specifications. Maintains an attractive ice cream display. - Sets up food service counters, steam tables, etc., with hot cold drink dispensers. - Receives orders and serves customers at counter in accordance with prescribed portions. - Determines the need for and obtains replenishment supplies from a designated location. Assists in periodic inventory taking. - Computes charges, operates cash register, collects and accounts for cash. - As necessary, scrapes dishes; stacks and prepares for dishwasher and keeps counter, steam table and other equipment and appliances clean. - Adheres to Navy Exchange Customer Service standards by maintaining a neat, clean appearance and wearing appropriate uniform/name tag, as required. Exercises tact, good manners and courtesy when serving and assisting customers; suggests substitutes when items are not available; and informs customers of specials. Provides service in a prompt and friendly manner; ensuring that the food items are presented in an attractive and appetizing way. Furnishes each customer with a register receipt and thanks the customer for their patronage. - Works under the general supervision of a designated supervisor, who makes assignments and provides instructions and assistance. Work is reviewed in terms of adherence to instructions and procedures and overall efficiency of area operation. PHYSICAL EFFORT: Frequently lifts or moves carts of dirty dishes, weighing up to 30 pounds occasionally up to 45 pounds. Is required to constantly stand and walk in accomplishing duties. WORKING CONDITIONS: Works in areas which are uncomfortably warm, damp and noisy. Exposed to minor cuts, bruises, burns and scalds. Danger of slipping on floors which are wet, or where food or beverage has been dropped. - Performs other related duties as assigned List of Documents are required for this position

List of Documents are required for this position: Please bring it in person at Atsugi Navy Exchange Admin Building # 28 on the 2 nd Floor.

Valid Passport with valid SOFA stamp Valid Government ID Card Proof of SSN Command Sponsorship Letter or Family Entry Approval Letter Alien Registration Card, if applicable Permanent Duty Orders, if applicable Prior Military Service Members must also bring copy of DD214.

Qualifications: Six months experience performing cafeteria or counter-type food service duties such as preparing fruit and vegetable salads, making simple sandwiches and coffee in large urns; setting up food service counters, steam tables, etc.; receiving customer orders and serving customers; operating a cash register, computing charge, performing cleaning duties such as scraping, staking and preparing dishes for dishwasher; keeping counters, steam table and other equipment and appliances clean, etc., or similar work that provided the knowledge and skills to perform the duties of the position. SUBSTITUTION OF EDUCATION FOR EXPERIENCE: One year of high school education may be substituted for 3 months of experience up to a High School Diploma or GED for 12 months of experience. PHYSICAL EFFORT: Lifting or moving carts of dirty dishes weighing up to 30 pounds occasionally up to 45 pounds. Constant standing and walking to accomplishing duties.