オンラインマーケティングマネージャー、ペイメントプロダクト/Online Marketing Manager, Payment Products in Meguro, Japan

Want to use Amazon's credit card products to create a unique shopping experience? We are looking for a talented marketer to lead acquisition and engagement efforts for Payment Products. If you are organized, analytical, and data driven, with an interest in machine learning, this is a great role for you.

The marketer in this role will be responsible for marketing our payment related products and services, such as 1) Amazon Co-brand Credit Card (CBCC) which is issued by a third party partner, 2) Financial Product Market Place (FPMP) that we introduce various financial products of partners on, and 3) Shop with Points that enables customers to use our bank partner’s points (credit card points) for shopping at

As a Marketing Manager, you will work closely with product managers, US marketing team and stakeholders in various teams.

As a part of Amazon's Payment Products business, you will learn best practices in marketing, testing and data analysis.

Amazon Payment Product チームでは、アマゾンブランドのクレジットカードを含む、ファイナンシャルプロダクトの新規顧客獲得および、既存顧客満足度の向上を担うマーケティングマネージャーを募集します。


Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Create on-brand, best in class content, tailored to appropriate customers

  • Develop strategies to optimize campaigns, execute, and report out results

  • Conceptualize, execute, and analyze new strategic initiatives/Ongoing management and expansion opportunities in key traffic channels (PPC, SEO, Email, Affiliates)

  • Support aggressive goals of bounty revenue from FPMP new card acquisition, CBCC new card acquisition and its usage amount, new customer registration of Shop with Point program and its usage. Improvements will be driven by both (a) optimization of current marketing channels and (b) expansion to new acquisition channels on Amazon and off Amazon.

  • Coordinate a streamlined approval process (internal/external) with key financial partners.

  • 顧客視点とユーザビリティを大切にした、正確でわかりやすく、かつ効果的なサイトの制作

  • キャンペーン戦略の立案、最適なキャンペーンの企画、実施および、その結果の分析

  • 主要トラフィックチャネル(PPC, SEO, Email, Affiliates)を使用した、マーケティング戦略の立案・実施およびその分析

  • 既存チャネルの最適化および、オンライン・オフライン新規チャネル拡大を通じて、各プログラムの新規顧客獲得・利用促進に対するビジネスゴールへ貢献

  • 社外の提携事業者および、社内関連部署(事業部長、財務担当、社内のコンテンツ獲得担当者、デザイナー、マーケティング部門など)と密接に連携し、効率化と高質化を目指す

The successful candidate has demonstrated:

  • High attention to detail including precise and effective customer communications and proven ability to manage multiple, competing priorities simultaneously.

  • Proven analytical and quantitative skills (includes the ability to effectively use tools such as Excel) and an ability to use hard data and metrics to back up assumptions and develop project business cases.

  • An ability to think strategically and execute methodically.

  • An ability to manage multiple competing priorities.

  • Self-sufficiency and drives to get things done.

  • 細部まで注意を払い、消費者行動に対する深い理解を持ち、マルチタスクに適応できる方

  • エクセルなどのツールを効果的に用い、定数・定量分析を実施できる方。自らデータ収集・分析を行い、仮説とのギャップの検証や課題抽出、解決策の立案ができる方

  • 戦略的に考え、系統立てて業務を遂行できる方

  • 優先順位を明確にしながら機動的に行動できる方

  • 自ら考え、行動できる方

  • 3+ years of online marketing experience.

  • 5+ years of experience creating and modifying web content using XML and/or HTML mark-up languages.

  • Strong analytical skills: ability to use hard data and metrics to measure the performance of online efforts, determine improvements and innovations, and to support project requests.

  • Proficient with a varied set of software and editing tools including basic to intermediate Excel, word and marketing automation software.

  • Native level Japanese language skill required, fluency in English (verbal and written communication) desired.

  • Bachelor's degree.

  • オンラインビジネスでのマーケティング職務経験(3年以上)

  • XMLおよびHTMLを用いたウェブコンテンツ作成および編集の職務経験(5年以上)

  • 高い分析力:定性・定量分析を行い、常に改善と創造の意識を持ってプロジェクトのニーズに応えることができる

  • 中級(ピボットテーブル/グラフ、データ分析)以上のエクセルのスキルがある

  • ワードやさまざまなMarketing Automation toolも中級程度のスキルがある

  • ネイティブレベルの日本語(高い文章力を有し、適正かつ明快な日本語表現が出来る)および、ビジネスレベルの英語(定常的にemailや会議、電話、TV会議でのコミュニケーションを行うことができる)

  • 大学学部卒

  • Interests in the payments business.

  • Understanding of both online and offline marketing strategy development, and data-driven channel execution.

  • Proven experience managing large amounts of data, including customer segments and online campaign metrics.

  • Familiarity with SQL.

  • 金融業界またはその関連業界(クレジットカード、その他の決済商品やロイヤリティプログラムなど)への興味・関心

  • オンライン・オフラインのマーケティング戦略立案およびデータ主導型チャネル戦略実施に対する理解

  • 顧客セグメントやオンラインキャンペーンメトリクスを含むビッグデータ解析の経験

  • SQLの熟知

AMZR Req ID: 460752