Business Analyst, Online Marketing, Seller Services in Meguro, Japan is looking for a self-motivated and experienced Business Analyst to join Online Marketing in the Seller Services division.

This role is responsible for marketing planning and solving business problems through data analyses to drive success for new Sellers selling on Amazon. Also, providing data-approach solutions that enable Marketing Managers, Product Managers and Sales Representatives to quickly analyze data and to make short-term and long-term decisions. For instance, the person in this role will deeply understand data warehouse and SQL, create simple and easily understandable tables which contains selected metrics in data warehouse, write queries that stakeholders can update by themselves, and work with data engineers for full-scale automation for data analysis and reporting.

In this role, the person will work cross-functionally to drive analysis that lead to Seller’s success communicating effectively with stakeholders. This requires deep understanding of not just the underlying data, but also the business model and levers for success. Also, the person need to manage requests from multiple stakeholders simultaneously. This role requires the ability to translate complex or ambiguous business problem statements into analysis requirements. The person in this role is responsible for defining the analytical approach; and then reviewing and vetting the analytical approach with stakeholders. This includes handling conflicting priorities, communicating roadmaps, proposing solutions, providing scalable solutions, and training the team to be self-sufficient with their data needs.

The Business analyst needs to be fluent in Japanese, and business level of English is required as interaction with multiple teams across Amazon’s global organization are necessary.のセラーサービス事業、オンラインマーケティングチームは優秀なビジネスアナリストを募集します。




Responsibilities include but not limited to:

· Data analysis for marketing planning and solving business problems

· Provide data-approach solutions for making business decisions

· Automate reports and create mid-sized data tables, making it easier for Marketing Managers, PM and Sales Reps to effectively use complex and large sized data

· Build scalable system to store the data and to provide auto-generated reports working with engineers

The individual must be able to:

· Translate large amount of data into useful information to create actionable priorities

· Understand the entire Seller Services business to perform meaningful analysis

· Think logically

· Interact with stakeholders from multiple project areas

· Work in ambiguous situations

· Always work with self-motivation

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to present complex information in a clear and concise manner to stakeholders


· マーケティングやビジネス上の問題解決のためのデータ分析

· チームが意思決定をおこなうためのデータ分析に基づいた提案

· レポートの自動化、データテーブルの整備

· データ分析用、レポーティング用のツール作成やシステム開発のプロジェクト


· 大量のデータの中からビジネスに必要な情報を選択し分析すること

· 分析のベースとなるビジネスを十分に理解すること

· 様々なプロジェクトで多くの人とかかわりながら仕事をすること

· あいまいな状況の中でも仕事を進めていけること

· 自ら学び、主体的に行動すること

· 優れた読み書きのコミュニケーション能力

Basic Qualification:

· Experience in data analysis, working extensively in large scale databases and data warehouses (3+ years)

· Experience in advanced SQL operations (3+ years)

· Fluent in Japanese, and business level of language skills in English


· 大量のデータを使ったデータ分析の業務経験(3年以上)

· 高度なSQLクエリを使ったデータ抽出業務(3年以上)

· 日本語・英語を使った業務経験

AMZR Req ID: 464813