CSJP Team Lead, Coaching VCC in Japan

The Coaching Lead is responsible for facilitating structured performance and capability development for their assigned Customer Service Associates (CSA). The primary function of the Coaching Lead is to coach associates to improve their performance by providing clear expectations and consistency through standard work. Coaching Leads will accomplish this by providing three formal coaching sessions per CSA each month. Key areas of focus will include coaching for development and improvement as it pertains to CSA behaviors and performance related to Amazon Contact Tenent (ACT) audits and Leadership Principles.

The Coaching Lead will be the catalyst for the Customer Service Associate to acquire the knowledge needed for improvement and development. They will deliver results by creating a supportive relationship with their team, maintaining their knowledge base and promoting a culture of ownership.


  1. Coaches associates towards improvement:

    • Has internalized the ACT to such an extent that can help others perform to our high hiring bar.

    • Coaches ACT behaviors to improve or sustain high performance.

    • Ability to examine data to identify continuous learning needs and coordinate the resources to fill those needs.

    • Ability to work successfully with all levels of customer service.

    • Coach to improvement on behaviors and identify opportunities, looping in management to ensure their work is complementary to the overall process.

    • Offers refresher training in tool usage and other topics as required.

  2. Functions as an escalation point for department wide operational procedures by:

    • Keeping abreast of current developments as it relates to the location.

    • Maintaining a high level of accessibility as a general resource for department members.

    • Maintaining knowledge of Customer Service resources, such as CSC and CSSM.

    • Maintaining knowledge of team-specific operational procedures as needed.

    • Facilitating communication between CS Associates and the management team via the ticketing process.

  3. Assists team with performance improvement efforts by:

    • Providing feedback and ensures alignment with CSM regarding mentoring or coaching sessions with CSAs.

    • Following Quality and productivity coaching and mentoring process as prescribed by their CSM, site or department QI teams, or HR.

    • Thoroughly prepares for coaching sessions in advance and can speak to specific CSA and team opportunities.

    • Documents coaching sessions to ensure that there is a consistent and regular check-in.

    • Mining for call trends.

    • Goal setting and tracking.

    • Collaborating with other coaching leads on best practices and coaching styles.

    • Providing feedback to on training and training modules on trends observed.

  4. Contributes to a positive team environment by:

    • Proactively aiding teammates with difficult customer contacts for both phone and e-mail (as applicable)

    . • Demonstrating effective communication and cooperation with Customer Service Managers and peers in an effort to manage team work load and morale.

    • Structuring and documenting quality processes.

  5. Serves as a role model by displaying good judgment, a positive work ethic, strong interpersonal skills, adherence to company policies and a commitment to excellent customer service.

    1. Successfully completes approved special projects as assigned

• Must be very fluent in Japanese (writing, speaking, reading)

• Must be in good standing with an exemplary attendance and time keeping pattern

• Subject Matter Expert in Amazon CS Systems, processes, and policies

• Must be meeting performance targets consistently

• Willing to change Operating Units

• Experience communicating with and presenting information to internal and external customers

• Must be flexible in terms of work schedule; willing to work odd or long hours if necessary

• Demonstrates mastery of CS operations and tools including Windows 7, Microsoft Outlook, Firefox, Internet Explorer, website, competitor websites, Internet search engines, CSC, GACD

• Must be able to multi-task and maintain composure.

• Must have strong interpersonal skills.

• Demonstrates exemplary performance in current position, including productivity and quality

• Demonstrates mastery of CS operations and tools

• Utilizes appropriate department resources

• Demonstrates effective communication, composure, and professional attitude

• Experience as a Seasonal Team Lead at Amazon

・Work experience and manage working from home CSA remotely.

AMZR Req ID: 449819